Svitla Smart Talk. A deep dive into broken access control


After the pandemic, the demand for new and more web applications skyrocketed. Having to work at break-neck speed to meet said demand is not the ideal environment when factoring security vulnerabilities. In fact, bad actors prey on chaotic situations to strike.

Security audits are becoming the norm as more hacking events take place every day, especially with rising numbers of web vulnerabilities.

In our latest Svitla Smart Talk, in collaboration with Sviat Login, we will talk about:

  • Attack vectors
  • Demo of attack vectors
  • Roadmap of ways to circumvent protection
  • The Google Hacking Database
  • Metadata


Sviat Login is the head of QA at EVO with more than 8 years of overall testing experience and over 5 years in testing for web vulnerabilities. Speaker.


by Svitla Team
July 13, 2022