Svitla Smart Talk: Advanced Debugging Tools & Techniques for C# Developers


For most developers the phrase “press F9 to set breakpoint and then F5 to start a debugging process” sounds like a typical routine. Often engineers spend more time debugging code than actually writing it. Does it sound familiar to you too? If so, our next webinar might help you out of this knotty problem.
In this talk, Igor Fesenko will introduce new tools and techniques to make your debugging process simpler and allow quickly localize issues.

Join us on the 30th November to learn more about:

- advanced debugging techniques with Visual Studio and JetBrains Rider;
- new tools to diagnose and fix problems;
- debugging production code and third-party code;
- troubleshoot Azure App Service cloud environment.


Igor Fesenko, App Architect at SoftServe Inc. and Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional.
Passionate about designing and developing distributed, scalable and secure web applications and cloud-enabled solutions. Proficient in C# & Microsoft Azure, has managed and assessed multiple projects focusing on high performance and large data solutions, taking advantage of all the features and capabilities available on a target platform. His current focus is on the building and improvement of scalable and secure web applications, cloud-enabled applications and operations. Igor is also a contributor to many Open Source projects and a speaker at local and international technical conferences, meetups, and user groups.

Event details

Date: 30 November at 19:00.
Duration: 1.5 h (1 hour. - lection, 30 min. - Q&A session)
Language: Russian
All other details we will send after registration.
Registration is free but mandatory.



by Svitla Team
November 18, 2020

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