Svitla Smart Talk: Architecture of Infrastructure and Pitfalls

Join us for an insightful discussion on the intricate architecture of infrastructure and the common pitfalls that can significantly influence decision-making processes, sometimes leading to a complete deviation from initial plans. This session will zoom in on AWS and Kubernetes (k8s), shedding light on their limitations and the critical considerations surrounding them.


1. Limitations as a cornerstone architecture 
2. AWS limitations - thinking about cloud benefits
3. k8s limitations - more difficult than we imagined 
4. What’s next? A Brief Dive into NFRs
5. Questions and answers


Stanislav Kolenkin 
Head of Cloud Foundation in Temabit (Fozzy group)

- More than 16 years of experience in IT
- Expert in AWS, GCP, Hybrid clouds, Multi-Cloud, Kubernetes, Containers, Serverless
- Kubernaut, Calico Big Cat, AWS Community Builder in Container nomination
- Big experience in mentoring and training 

Oleksandr Sapozhnikov
Lead of SRE team / Senior SRE Engineer in Temabit (Fozzy group)

- More than 12 years of experience in IT
- Has been practicing DevOps for 9+ years
- Mentor and teacher experience
- Passionate about automation, IaC, and cats
- Hobbies: DnD and LARP


by Svitla Team
April 24, 2024