Svitla Smart Talk: Async internals in .Net


For the next Svitla Smart Talk you need just as much: interest in async internals in .Net and to be ready for a very intense session on September 9th. Grab a drink and a snack, make yourself comfortable and join Adam Furmanek, Software Engineer at Amazon, who will present a state machine created by the compiler, consider allocation issues and typical deadlock scenarios.

Examine the ways to:

✅call async methods from synchronous code;
✅wait for async void;
✅implement custom synchronization context or task scheduler to handle exceptions;
✅run tasks without allocation at all.

Learning objectives:

✅understanding a state machine-generated by the compiler;
✅learning details of TPL and synchronization contexts;
✅debugging common deadlock scenarios.


Adam Furmanek - Software Engineer interested in systems programming, .NET, JVM internals, Big Data and ML. Lecturer, author.

🔈Event details:

Date: 9th September, 7 PM (Kyiv timezone, GMT+3)
Duration: 1.5 hour (60 minutes lecture and Q&A session)
Language: English!
Level: Middle and Senior Developers
Registration is free but compulsory.
Details will be sent after registration.


by Svitla Team
August 31, 2020