Svitla Smart Talk: Context Mapping - The Missing Link in Your Organization's Technical Strategy

Enough has been said about subdomains and bounded contexts to deduce that it's a tough nut to crack. Bartłomiej Słota's years of observation confirm that seeking boundaries is one of the most challenging aspects of an architect's work. This challenge arises not only due to the technical and business aspects of architectural design but also because for architecture to meet its requirements, it must align with the organization's architecture, and vice versa. In this presentation, you will learn how to leverage context mapping patterns and team topologies to design an architecture optimized for delivering business value.

  • Does your team lack a clear purpose or responsibilities?
  • Are you having weekly synchronization meetings with other teams to align your work's next steps?
  • Is your main subdomain team burdened with implementing changes for other teams?
  • Did your service start as generic, but now it knows too much about all its clients?
  • Do you have microservices yet still coordinate your deployments with others?
  • Are your microservices taking longer to deliver than the previous monolithic architecture?
  • Do you have well-defined bounded context boundaries but still feel uncertain about where to place the code for new requirements?
  • Are the same features implemented in different applications managed by various teams?
  • Is your event-driven architecture requiring changes to be made to stream consumers whenever your process changes?

If any of these questions leave you feeling disheartened, this Svitla Smart Talk is for you.


Bartłomiej Słota - A programmer by profession and passion. An experienced consultant, mentor, and trainer at Bottega IT Minds. A speaker and the author of the blog He has gained experience in industries such as healthcare, telecommunications, marketing, finance, energy, and logistics, working for companies ranging from several dozen to several thousand employees. He is passionate about OOP, Domain Driven Design, software craftsmanship, microservices, and a broad range of system and application architectures. He conducts expert training in the aforementioned areas. He has presented at numerous programming conferences in Poland and Europe. In his free time, he enjoys listening to heavy music, playing the guitar, singing, fishing, or exploring the vast trails of the Bieszczady mountains.

Event details:

When - September 6: CDT - 12 PM, PDT - 10 AM
Ukraine - 8 PM, Poland - 7 PM, Mexico - 11 AM, Costa Rica - 11 AM, Argentina - 2 PM.
Duration - 1.5 hours (60 min. Speech + 30 min. Q&A)
Language - English

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by Svitla Team
August 29, 2023