Svitla Smart Talk: Core ML. Vol 3: Speech & Sound


Buckle your seat belts and join us for the last Svitla Smart Talk about the Core ML framework! During this final talk, we’ll discuss Speech & Sound, their differences, and why it’s valuable to use Machine Learning in those fields. We’ll also cover how to integrate Speech & Sound APIs in your application.

Get ready for more practical examples and less theory as Kostiantyn Bilyk will show rather than tell what Core ML is all about! 



  • Agenda
  • Speaker
  • Goals

Where to use

  • A little bit of theory
  • Where to use Core ML
  • Common Core ML tasks

Speech & Sound

  • Apple API
  • Permissions
  • Requests

Live Coding

  • Speech recognition app demo

Useful Links

Speaker: Kostiantyn Bilyk - Team Lead, Lead iOS Software Engineer, Svitla Systems.


by Svitla Team
December 02, 2021