Svitla Smart Talk: Creating and securing distributed microservice architecture


If you work with Kubernetes or potentially plan to use this technology - join Svitla Smart Talk to discuss best practices in microservice architecture with Stanislav Kolenkin. We will dive into establishing communication and separate authorization between microservices.

You will learn:

Application Authentication and Authorization
Microservices Authentication and Authorization problems
Microservices Authentication and Authorization technical solutions
Third-party applications access
Mutual TLS
Providing access to APIs queries in a secure way
Creating and securing distributed microservice architecture


Stanislav Kolenkin - 16+ years in IT, experience in Kubernetes projects with various plugins on OpenStack, AWS, GCP and Bare-Metal. For the last 5 years has been working with microservices and Kubernetes technology.

Event details

Date - 15th July, 7PM
Duration - 1,5 hour
Event language - Russian
Registration is free but compulsory.
All other details we will send after registration.


by Svitla Team
July 06, 2020

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