Hello, friends! Join our latest Svitla Smart Talk for all things Elastic AMP!

Let’s set the stage: The main problem with all web applications is to set up a good monitoring system to observe and collect metrics from the environment. You need it to identify performance bottlenecks and catch errors in apps by request. 

Here’s the protagonist of our talk: Elastic APM is the best option to address the above mentioned items if your system uses elastic stack. With Elastic APM you’ll be able to check metrics for each request including DB calls, other services requests etc. 

Take a peek at the agenda: 

  • What is the Elastic APM Python web framework integration 
  • Integration details and custom tracing

Oleksandr Lazarchuk - Full stack Python developer. Programming experience of +11 years, 9 of which were working with Python. Oleksandr has experience in developing both web services and IoT, as well as Data Science.


by Svitla Team
June 04, 2021

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