Svitla Smart Talk: Error as a main tool of an architect


Hi friends! Practice makes perfect, right? Well, it’s not as cut and dry and we’d like that statement to be. Along the road, you’ll find many mistakes and heavy stress. So, what can you do to avoid this? Most importantly, how do you handle them? The Svitla Systems Frontend Team will share their advice and experience in this Svitla Smart Talk, where you’ll learn:


  • Why there’s a tough road ahead for bicycle inventors and perfectionists;
  • What are good crutches to rely on;
  • How high-quality code can save you from severe headaches and bring you closer to singularity.

Considering how expensive mistakes are per project and how quickly the technical debt can grow on large projects, in this session, our speakers will help you accept mistakes as an important part of a project’s evolution and understand the universal importance of mistakes on a cosmic scale!


Pavlo Zubenko - Frontend Team Lead, Vue.js Engineer at Svitla Systems. More than 9 years in web development. Mentor, speaker. 


by Svitla Team
July 14, 2021