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Project life is not as easy as it looks on the outside. Sure, you may see us grabbing a beer from time to time, laughing it up, but there’s always something worrying us, lurking in the back of our minds. You see, many things could go terribly wrong on a project, and guess who’s the first one people go to when things go awry?

In our next Svitla Smart Talk, Ivan Lavriv will share how to discern which decisions to make so your project isn’t on everyone’s burn book.


  • Micro-freaking-services, yay, right?

  • Systems that are too secure (wouldn’t we wish!)

  • How to choose a non-relational database when you have relational data

  • Business logic? More like business folly

  • How to do more manual work instead of automating. Yuck, who likes automation, really?

  • Real-time systems for non real-time data

  • Why old code is your best friend if you want to build dead-end projects

  • An original thought or plan? Forget those and don’t question anything


Ivan Lavriv - happy-go-lucky programmer with 9+ years of experience that now acts as a senior at a product company. He also participates as a speaker in IT conferences and imparts knowledge as a teacher to young, impressionable minds.


by Svitla Team
November 16, 2021

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