Svitla Smart Talk: iOS. More VIPER, baby!


If you want to take part in the next Svitla Smart Talk, you need just as much: to be interested in mobile development and understand it at the Middle + level, eager for new knowledge on VIPER architecture, and have a free evening on June 23rd. Make delicious tea or coffee at home, make yourself comfortable, and join us!

The webinar slogan is "More VIPER, baby!", so together with Oleksii Holub, we are going to discuss why this architecture is so cool and why it should be used.

You will learn:
- which problem VIPER solves;
- bit of history and Clean Architecture;
- why VIPER is worth discussion;
- disadvantages of existing VIPER implementations;
- best implementation and it’s pros/cons, best practices.

Oleksii Holub - Mobile Architect, Team Lead, iOS Developer at NDA.

Event details
Date - 23rd June, 7PM
Duration - 1,5 hour
All other details we will send after registration.
Registration is free but compulsory.


by Svitla Team
May 22, 2020

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