Svitla Smart Talk: Mastering freelancing. Chronicle of a Ruby developer.


In our upcoming webinar, Aaron Cruz will reveal all the mysteries of freelancing. He started freelancing pretty early into his career because he couldn't find any good Ruby work where he was living. Almost by accident, and for what turned out to be more than a decade, Aaron will detail how he’s gained tons of knowledge and best practices as a result of the good old game of trial and error. 

If you've ever considered freelancing, specifically in Ruby, or you're in your first year or two, this presentation will answer a lot of your questions and help jump-start your freelancing career!

Speaker: Aaron Cruz

Since leaving the cooking profession 10 years ago, Aaron has been writing software and speaking about software development at conferences all over the world. You can view them at Apart from being an awesome friend and human, he gives workshops on Elixir, Proof of Work in crypto mining, and is planning a new workshop series about Machine Learning basics.

Aaron is based in Vienna, Austria. So, if visiting, you can ping him here or here


by Svitla Team
June 14, 2022

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