Svitla Smart Talk: Differentiable programming


With the new era of robotics, it is very important to turn a glance to the future programming. On 27th April we are going to talk about differentiable programming and discuss the next questions:

  • What is Differentiable Programming 
  • Why computers are not full-time busy 
  • Math is the best modeling tool 
  • Code constant means decision by a coder 
  • Every if operator divides the world by two pieces 
  • What can be placed before and after the neural network ML ensembling - boosting, regularization, multiple targets 
  • Multiple networks under one loss - GANs, VAEs 
  • Reinforcement 
  • Learning vs. Differentiable Programming 
  • Inverse Graphics 
  • AutoEncoder 
  • What to do with old programs
  • ​What’s next with DP


Andrii Bosyi - 25 years in IT, in 1986 created his first neural network, worked on multiple bid data and data analysis projects, starting from 2016 focused on data science and created company, which makes decision-making engines for data-driven businesses.

Event details:

Date - 27 April at 19:00. 
Duration - 1.5 h. (1 hour. - lection, 30 min. - Q&A session)

All other details we will send after registration.
Registration is free but compulsory.



by Svitla Team
April 10, 2020

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