Svitla Smart Talk: Performance tests and other lies

We invite you to join us at the Svitla Smart Talk with Jarosław Pałka, an engaging presentation on the intriguing world of performance testing.

It is a well-known fact that few of us prioritize the performance of our code, and even fewer have experience with performance testing.

Among those who struggle with efficiency, only a small handful are aware of the numerous lies, understatements, and false promises concealed within performance tests.

During the presentation, we will

  • explore anti-patterns in performance testing and provide battle-tested practical advice on how to avoid being misled by test results;
  • address questions such as: Should we fear "coordinated omission"? Why is statistics often considered the pinnacle of deception, accompanied by a quick course on interpreting test results? Why are "latency" and "throughput" not interchangeable? Why are test datasets as crucial as test scenarios? What insights can microbenchmarks offer?

Furthermore, we will delve into the layers of performance tests and uncover why performance testing goes beyond mere numbers.

If you have little interest in performance testing and tend to avoid this subject, you will discover why it deserves your attention. However, if you consider yourself a "higher priest of the machine" and possess familiarity with performance topics, Jarosław Pałka will assist you in designing tests with heightened awareness and guide you in interpreting their results.

Join us for an engaging discussion at the Svitla Smart Talk and expand your understanding of performance tests. Discover the truth behind them and gain valuable insights that will enhance your approach to optimizing code performance.


Jarosław Pałka is a performance engineer/team lead with more than 20 years in the IT industry as a database administrator, programmer, architect, manager, and onsite disaster engineer. Jaroslaw authors a blog in, and is one of the founders of the SegFault conference brand.

Event details:
When - 8 August: CDT - 12 PM, PDT - 10 AM
Ukraine - 8 PM, Poland - 7 PM, Mexico - 11 AM, Costa Rica - 11 AM, Argentina - 2 PM.
Duration - 1.5 hours (60 min. Speech + 30 min. Q&A)
Language - English

All other details will be sent after registration.
Registration is free and mandatory.

by Svitla Team
July 20, 2023