Svitla Smart Talk: Scala 3 & Async


If you are interested in Scala3 and asynchronous interaction models, then our next Svitla Smart Talk is for you! Together with Ruslan Shevchenko, you will dive into the backstory of basic asynchronous interaction models  (Loom, Futures, Functional Effects), and how with the help of monadic continuations of macros (dotty-cps-async) you can simplify their use and "reconcile" asynchrony, common control-flow operations, and higher-order functions.


Ruslan Shevchenko is a seasoned engineer who has worked as a researcher in the Institute of Software Systems and went on to become the founder of the NBI Internet Provider and the GradSoft software development firm. He’s worked in various projects across the telecom, advertising, and finance industries, and is now the managing partner of a software startup. Ruslan is also the founder of the UA Scala user group, has over 10 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and is the co-author of the Methods of algebraic programming book. To top it off, he’s also an active columnist for the Ukrainian developer’s community portal.

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by Svitla Team
March 05, 2021