Svitla Smart Talk: Temporal Workflows


Life is a series of workflows. We live our lives through workflows. Whether you're making a cup of morning coffee, driving to work, creating a ticket in Jira, or buying tickets to go to a concert...our day-to-day is all about executing and fine-tuning our workflows.

Coding and solving difficult problems in software infrastructure is complex enough, which is where workflows come in to alleviate to great extent those burdens. Temporal is efficient and user-friendly, making it a favorite amongst developers everywhere.

In our latest Svitla Smart Talk, we will be giving the spotlight to Temporal.

You'll learn:

  • What is a workflow and how it works
  • How it can help you save plenty of time
  • How to execute temporal workflows
  • The key workflow elements: worker, workflow, activity, signal
  • How to run a simple workflow
  • Canceling a workflow
  • The workflow UI or dashboard to monitor and check the status of a process
  • How to use a workflow to run diverse tasks in a company environment
  • Getting familiar with out-of-the-box samples to keep learning and become an expert


Hernan Bogantes - Senior Cloud Backend Engineer at Svitla Systems.

Event Details

Date: August 16th, 7 PM (Ukraine), 6 PM (Poland), 10 AM (CST), 11 AM (CDT)
Duration: 90 minutes (50-minute lecture + Q&A session).
Language: English.
Audience: all-level developers, also other IT specialists, who have never used Temporal before.

All other details will be sent after registration.
Registration is free and mandatory.


by Svitla Team
August 03, 2022