Svitla Smart Talk: User Experience & Markup Developer. A new profession on the horizon? (online)


Have you ever witnessed a UI designer who doesn’t really go deep while analyzing users’ experience and generally doesn’t care for the future of his creation? Or what about a non-semantic layout done absolutely carelessly? If you have, join Olena Shpilevska on 14th May to listen about her experience in managing such cases.

We will discuss:

Why we shouldn't blame the team.
Why designers and developers should not be engaged in indirect tasks.
Why do we need a new tech-stack to appear?


Olena Shpilevska - UX & Markup developer at Svitla Systems, GlobalCSS resident, UCU lecturer.

Event details:

Date - 14 May at 19:00. 
Duration - 1.5 h. (1 hour. - lection, 30 min. - Q&A session)
All other details we will send after registration.
Registration is free but compulsory.




by Svitla Team
April 25, 2020

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