Svitla Smart Talk: What's wrong with Unit Testing Frameworks and what YOU can do about it

We are continually holding our .Net meetups and this time gladly announce a webinar with Dror Helper. He’s been practicing unit tests for more than a decade and is ready to share his story of failures. In fact, most of the time unit testing framework was the reason he failed, as there is more to unit testing than using a unit testing framework.

In this session, he’ll explain the inevitable maintainability problems developers face when writing and maintaining huge unit testing suits. You will learn when unit testing frameworks can help you and how to complement unit testing with tools useful in taking control over your tests.


Dror Helper - Consultant and Software Architect. He has been writing software professionally for more than 10 years, during which he has worked for industry giants such as Intel and SAP as well as small startup companies. He has extensive knowledge of many programming languages and platforms including C++, assembly, .NET (C#/VB) and Java.

Dror is a Pluralsight author and public speaker. He is an expert in agile methodologies and software engineering practices. When not writing code, he mentors developers and conducts courses about clean code, unit testing and TDD.
In his blog ( Dror writes about programming languages, software development tools, clean code, cool programming languages and anything else he finds interesting.

Event details:

Date: 24th September, 7 PM (Kyiv timezone, GMT+3)
Duration: 1.5 hour (60 minutes lecture and Q&A session)
Language: English!
Level: Middle and Senior Developers
Registration is free but compulsory.
Details will be sent after registration.


by Svitla Team
September 02, 2020

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