Webinar - Mastering AWS Cost Efficiency: Key Strategies & Tools

Mastering AWS Cost Efficiency: Key Strategies & Tools [Recorded Webinar]


This video of a highly informative and business-focused webinar delves into the world of AWS Cost Efficiency, a powerful approach to software development that can drive your business toward greater agility and efficiency.

In this recording, you will learn about: 

  • Decoding Your AWS Expenditures: Understand where your money goes.

  • Monitoring AWS Costs: Tools and services. 

  • Best Practices for Optimizing AWS Costs: Get the most out of your investment. 

  • Practical Cost-Control Examples.

Watch the Recording:


Illya Reznykov, Senior Cloud Architect, Europe and Cloud Practice Lead at Svitla Systems, Ph.D.

A seasoned Cloud Architect with over 25 years of experience, Illya has a proven track record of transforming legacy applications through codebase review, refactoring, optimization, migration, and the integration of new features. His hands-on experience with CI/CD pipelines, on-premises, and cloud deployments in Azure and AWS and supporting multiple environments further illustrates his versatility as a leader in the cloud domain.

by Svitla Team
August 16, 2023

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