Project type

Cloud Migration


Avalon is leading the way in comparing and contrasting best practices in the fight against Opioid addiction by monitoring, analyzing, and alerting physician practices.

Business needs:

- Process medical surgery and prescription data from over 15,000 collection points.

- Platform that needs to deliver high scalability and performance.

- Access to the rich application set to create analytics of Opioid Usage.

- Ability to quickly model hypothesis and present doctor prescription scoring.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Assemble an initial team of a senior IT resource to manage design and development efforts.

- UX/UI designer to capture a more coherent schematic of the presentation layer of the medical data to highlight important trends and behaviors. 

- Additional AWS team for expertise in driving the implementation of the cloud-based infrastructure and ensuring a scalable engine for calculations of data metrics.

- Specific data science engineers for building out the analytics engines, and calculations for categorizing patient prescription levels. 

- Developed process for ASC's without the ability to extract data from EMR systems to use a UIPATH BOT to build the import files into the analytics engine.

Value delivered

Svitla assembled a Dedicated Team in just 2 weeks.
Svitla completed the cloud migration in less than 3 months.
Svitla used AWS API Gateways to integrate UiPath to retrieve data without direct API integration with SAP and MS Dynamics.

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