Nataliya Anon Photo

Nataliya Anon

CEO and Founder

Chris Cosmos Photo

Chris Cosmos

Chief Sales Officer

Andriy Galych Photo

Andriy Galych

Managing Director of Delivery in Eastern Europe

Kostyantyn Kharchenko  Photo

Kostyantyn Kharchenko

Ph.D., Chief Technical Architect

Sergiy Andriyenko Photo

Sergiy Andriyenko

Head of Project Management Department

Sergiy Shubin Photo

Sergiy Shubin

Lead Project Manager

Viktor Tsuik Photo

Viktor Tsuik

Director of Finance

Nataliya Yerisova Photo

Nataliya Yerisova

Chief Talent Acquisition Officer

Nataliya  Maletska  Photo

Nataliya Maletska

Recruitment Team Leader

Jorge Valadez Photo

Jorge Valadez

Exec. VP Sales and Operations Mexico

Christian Martinez Photo

Christian Martinez

General Counsel

Mariya Petrovych Photo

Mariya Petrovych

HR Manager