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Media & Entertainment, Sport


Java, Swagger, Elasticsearch, React

Project type

IoT, Big Data, AI


Our Client provides advanced IoT solutions to customers in different industries all over the world. In the past few years, it has worked with municipalities and partners in the manufacturing, security, agriculture, health, sports, and entertainment industries to save billions of dollars. 

Business needs:

- Provide detailed stats for an event in a readable form, using various types of charts.

- Analyze sensor data, such as player's heart rate, flight height and time, max/min player speed, even a noise level from the fan sector at a certain moment of time.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

- Svitla has quickly built and organized the work of a full-stack development team.

- Combine all data and show each action on video, which gives non-trivial in-depth statistical analysis.

- Combine real-time statistics from several events.

Value delivered

Successfully implemented a working prototype of the platform.
Convenient daily communication between a Dedicated Team and the client.
Clear project management from Svitla Team Lead through the JIRA management tool under Kanban.
Svitla team continues to support the project, adding new features based on incoming requests from the customers.

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