VoIP Provider


Back-end, Front-end, Embedded


Computer and Mobile Devices


Ruby, Sinatra, HTML5

Project type

Web App


Originating in Palo Alto, this telecommunications company transformed from its initial focus on basic peer-to-peer internet phone calls. Later a significant pivot was made. The company introduced a product that not only discontinued the use of peer-to-peer technology but also empowered users to completely eliminate their existing POTS telephone service. Designed for residential use, the product offers unlimited free VoIP calls within the United States. It also boasts advanced features like Bluetooth integration and HD voice clarity, ensuring that users have a seamless and efficient communication experience.

Business needs:

 - Modernization: Transition from the constraints of traditional landline systems to the more flexible and cost-effective VoIP.

 - User Experience: Overhaul the product’s user interface to make it more intuitive, aligning with the latest design and usability trends.

 - Mobile Compatibility: As more users were on the move, there was a pressing need to design mobile-responsive versions of the product, ensuring accessibility and functionality on various mobile devices.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

 - Created a specialized and dedicated team of 5 engineers, chosen for their expertise in VoIP and modern software development techniques.

 - Utilized Ruby programming language and Sinatra framework for fast prototyping and agile development, ensuring adaptability based on user feedback.

 - Leveraged HTML5, a versatile markup language, ensuring the product's compatibility with a wide range of mobile browsers and devices.

Value delivered

The strategic approach and technological decisions significantly expedited the product's time to market.
Svitla's proactive approach ensured the company stayed ahead of the competition.
The successful execution and reception of this project not only achieved its immediate objectives but also established a robust base for the company's future innovations.
Building on this momentum, they soon introduced a groundbreaking new product to further solidify their market position.

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