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Svitla Systems is a US-based company with Ukrainian heritage. In 2003 we opened our first development office in Kyiv, other divisions in Lviv and Kharkiv followed soon. Today we are a global multinational company operating across Europe, the US, LatAm, and Asia, proud of our roots and deeply feeling for Ukraine which currently fights against unjust and barbaric russian aggression. 

From the first day of the war, starting on 24 February 2022, Svitla Systems launched a list of activities aimed to help our 600+ Ukrainian-based team, support Ukrainian military forces and thousands of victims suffering from russia’s horrid crimes against humanity. We welcome everyone to join us in our support of Ukraine!

Natalia Anon Svitla Systems - Save Ukraine

Ukrainian team support

Svitla has provided a compensation of $1,000 to all our teammates who have been forced to leave their homes and move to safer regions of Ukraine or abroad. Most employees arranged their relocation, either on their own or with the help of the company’s Emergency Team. Lviv team has been actively helping find housing and settlement, with the office operating as a hub for everyone who has needed it. Our Polish team immediately took an active role in assisting all those who moved to Poland. From housing, setting up a working spot in the Polish office to constant informational support, their ongoing help is very much appreciated. We have enlarged our location in Krakow to welcome our teammates who moved to Poland.

By April 90% of our team continues to work, while 1,5 % are still placed in areas directly affected by war zones. Local back-office functions without any interruptions in Western Ukraine. Several of our colleagues have bravely joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Territorial Defense squad. With their contracts intact we provide financial support and await their victorious return. 

Since March, Svitla System has employed a psychologist who is available for all employees and can be contacted free of charge. We’ve also launched a series of webinars on topics covering mental health, effective volunteering, and plan to continue with the first-aid webinar, and more.

We continue to constantly monitor our team situation via regular updates. Through our emergency chat, we provide additional help and exchange important news or help each other in terms of volunteering.

Support of the Ukrainian military forces

As of April 11th, Svitla Systems has donated $160,000  to Ukrainian military forces. Our Polish team purchased and delivered tactical equipment including drones, thermal imagers, helmets, vests, gloves, communication equipment, medicines, first-aid kits, all with the goal of helping the Ukrainian territorial defense units.

Support of war victims

Since 2018 Svitla Systems’ CEO and founder, Natalia Anon, has been collecting donations for the US Charitable Foundation “Angelik”, based in Corte Madera, California, of which she is the co-founder, to support Ukrainian children whose parents gave their lives in the russian-Ukrainian war. 

No Fly Zone

The foundation is now helping children affected by the new wave of russian aggression. As of today, 40+ funds and volunteers from different parts of Ukraine have managed to transfer funds for $209 500 US dollars. Donations go to support the various needs of children: medicine, food, and relocation to safer regions. 

We welcome you to support and donate by or by check Hromada, PO Box 7026, 7 Pixley Ave, Corte Madera, CA 94976.

Svitla volunteers

We are proud of our colleagues who are bravely fighting for Ukraine in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Svitla`s teammates who are actively helping them by gathering additional donations and supplying our Svitla warriors with the required equipment, you can also donate to support their activities.

Volunteers Support Ukraine

On the other hand, Svitla`s volunteers help the Armed Forces of Ukraine directly.Volunteers - Stand With Ukraine

For example our Senior PHP Developer, Volodymyr Pasika is raising funds for the critical needs of the Special Operations Forces. Volodymyr has been supporting Armed Forces since 2014 and is most effective in finding and shipping military and medical equipment. 

Card number 5168 7427 1872 7807

Actively Support Ukraine

Ukraine is standing strong fighting the worst aggression seen in Europe since the Second World War. Ukraine is defended by remarkably brave and courageous people - Ukrainians - who stand up not only for their country but for freedom, light, goodness, openness, humanity, and all democratic values. Ukraine is not alone. The entire democratic world stood up to support Ukraine! 

If you would like to join, here is a reliable organization Charitable Foundation “Come back alive”. The fund supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing defense initiatives.

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