Svitla Systems and Big Picture Philadelphia team up to train students for tech careers


This fall, Svitla Systems has donated and supported a Web Application Development class for interested students from Vaux Big Picture High School and El Centro High School. The pilot program is a result of a partnership between Svitla Systems, Big Picture Philadelphia, Innovation Florida, and CodeSkools.

With an objective to empower today's youth so that they are prepared to enter the workforce with sustainable skills, the program will take a whole 2021-2022 school year, helping teens gain real-world know-how and hands-on experience to create their own working apps and websites. 

Natalia Anon, CEO of Svitla Systems commented “This program affords students an incredible opportunity to expand their skills in computer coding as they explore the many potential career pathways available in the growing IT industry. As companies continue to create demand for employees, I view this as a great investment in helping others to achieve what our many employees have been able to do in their careers”.

The innovative coding course is geared toward introducing and teaching prominent coding languages, including HTML/CSS and JavaScript. During the first semester, students use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create web pages using industry best practices for front-end web development. In the second semester, students dive into back-end technologies using the Java and SQL programming languages, turning their front-end creations into dynamic web apps. At the end of the program, they'll earn a certificate of completion from CodeSkools validating their proficiency in these web technologies, and they'll have a portfolio of projects they can showcase. 

“Every industry is experiencing a digital transformation right now”, said Mark DeMeo, SVP of Svitla Systems, Inc., "you must innovate to stay relevant and competitive. With the current demand for skills and the increase of new technologies coming to the market, companies will need to invest in finding and creating the talent they need to stay competitive in the future".

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