Svitla Smart Talk: Five Design Heuristics to rule them all!

As programmers, we often adhere to rules such as the SOLID principles. But are they truly foundational principles applicable in all contexts? 

Our speaker, Hernán Wilkinson, argues otherwise. He believes these principles aren't fundamental and can't serve as the basis for all others. That's why in this talk, he'll introduce five simple heuristics based on the idea of Software as a Computable Model. These heuristics promise significant positive impacts on your programs and will be illustrated with concrete coding examples. Join us to challenge the status quo of programming and design!

Audience level: This conceptual talk is suitable for all levels. It will enlighten junior programmers and spark discussions among senior programmers.


Hernán Wilkinson - a passionate programmer and Smalltalk enthusiast, the founder of 10Pines and FAST (Argentine Foundation of Smalltalk). He teaches OO and Agile techniques at FCEyN, UBA, and is a keynote speaker at various national and international conferences. Follow him on Twitter @hernanwilkinson.


by Svitla Team
April 09, 2024