Svitla Smart Talk: Cybersecurity. Updates vs. Antivirus: Keep Your Projects from Exploding!

Have you ever thought about why updates work better than antivirus? Or how do your projects turn into fireworks without timely updates and minimization?

In this presentation, we will unveil why operating systems and software updates are the best weapons against hacking attacks. We will also discuss how minimizing architecture can help prevent breaches. 

For those who love diving deeper into technical details, our speaker will share some insights and present the best practices for security testing in this field, such as OpenVAS, Metasploit, msfvenom, and cloudfail. We guarantee that you will always remember to update again after our presentation!


Sviat Login is the head of QA at EVO with more than 11 years of overall testing experience and over 7 years in testing for API vulnerabilities.


by Svitla Team
June 28, 2024

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