Svitla Smart Talk: Async - biggest mistake in C#?


It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming Svitla Smart Talk hosted by Adam Furmanek, Software Engineer at Amazon. Mark your calendars for February 9th, 2021 when Adam will flesh out these async topics:

How good is it that async and await are being used so much nowadays?
Is the async pattern properly implemented?
What are the problems of async?
When is using async a bad idea?

Join us as Adam debunks the myths around async and unveils how far from perfect it actually is. He will cover problems with global state, exception handling, deadlocks, and garbage collection. To top it off, he will explain the crucial programming principles that were ignored when designing the async mechanism and where it falls short.
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Adam Furmanek is a professional software engineer with over 10 years of experience under his belt. Currently working at Amazon with Big Data, Spark, and Machine Learning, Adam has always been interested in diving deep and exploring machine code, as well as understanding the internal details of the technology he uses every day. He enjoys debugging, decompiling, and disassembling code to understand memory models, concurrency problems, and other hidden details buried deep inside. Blog:

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by Svitla Team
January 25, 2021