Svitla Smart Talk: Core ML. Vol 2: Vision


Ever wanted to learn more about Apple Core ML? We have the perfect #SvitlaSmartTalk for you! In this series, our experts will dive deep into the framework, using the second installment of this series to discuss what Computer Vision is in general and which instruments are included in Apple’s framework.

Additionally, the talk will review the capabilities of Vision as well as test some of them during the live coding session by implementing image analysis functionality from scratch. Be sure to check out the video from the first event about Natural Language →

- Agenda
- Speaker
- Goals

Computer Vision
- Some Theory
- Where to Use
- Common Tasks

- Image Classification, Saliency, Alignment, Similarity
- Object Detection, Tracking, Trajectory Detection, Contour Detection
- Text Detection & Recognition
- Face Detection, Tracking, Landmarks & Capture Quality
- Human Body Detection, Body Pose, Hand Pose & Animal Recognition
- Barcode Detection, Rectangle Detection, Horizon Detection
- Optical Flow
- NEW: Person Segmentation & Document Detection

Live Coding
- Object Detection Demo
- Text Detection & Recognition Demo


Kostiantyn Bilyk - Team Lead, Lead iOS Software Engineer, Svitla Systems


by Svitla Team
August 03, 2021

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