Svitla Smart Talk: Micro Frontends - when and how to use


If you follow the latest trends, then you’re well aware that Micro Frontends is an up-and-coming approach to building modern, scalable user interfaces. What started as a custom implementation in scope of separate frameworks, now packs a Webpack Module Federation, which allows you to build a Micro Frontend architecture without any additional tooling or frameworks. 

In this talk, Aleks Zinevych will walk you through the main problems Micro Frontend architecture solves coupled with some examples of building such architecture using Module Federation.


Aleks Zinevych - JS Stream Lead and Competence Lead at Perfectial with 10+ years of experience in ІТ. Aleks began as a .NET developer, then Java and even a bit Ruby, over the past years has been working with JavaScript and many of its directions. Aleks favors web application development with the confidence that the world will witness a gradual migration to the Web. Aleks enjoys painting and traveling for pleasure, as memories and impressions are something that can’t be bought or obtained from books or YouTube videos.


by Svitla Team
January 12, 2022