February 08, 2024
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Any city, Costa Rica

Svitla Systems Inc. is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer for a full-time position (40 hours per week) in Costa Rica. Our client is the leading GPS fleet-tracking software technology provider for fleet-based companies. They provide innovative fleet solutions that include vehicle and asset tracking, in-cab smart cameras, field service software, and compliance management. The company offers vehicle tracking solutions, a dashboard interface, a mapping platform, mobile applications, landmarks, geofencing, optimized routing, fleet messaging and tracking alerts, and fuel card integration services. The client operates worldwide and provides a highly flexible solution, including a wide range of customized reports, alerts, and other innovative features tailored to meet specific customer requirements. We’re seeking a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to further global infrastructure practice as they scale and unify the AWS-based platforms. The client operates multiple SaaS products running in AWS, which ingest massive amounts of IoT data from vehicle assets and mobile devices, powering several reports, real-time alerts, web interfaces, and mobile applications. The infrastructure team – with members in the US and Ireland – will be involved in several critical projects this year and beyond, adding significant new features to the products, widespread rollout of Confluent Cloud (Kafka), Snowflake, the design /implementation of the next generation Kubernetes infrastructure, and rearchitecting a newly acquired platform to take advantage of all the cloud goodness. This hands-on role has ample opportunity for impact as they continue to solve the complex problems of scaling multiple products. There will be a mix between operational and project-based work with a wide range of complexity. The infrastructure engineering team works closely with software engineers and product management in cross-functional teams and projects. The AWS infrastructure provides the platforms for four telematics products and three field service management applications. They rely heavily on Terraform, containers, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible Tower, GitLab CI, and Datadog but also support Windows-based .NET applications.


  • 5 - 8 years of relevant professional experience.
  • Knowledge of  Infrastructure as Code - Terraform.
  • Experience in infrastructure engineering in IaC-based AWS environments, focusing on hosting public applications.
  • Knowledge of cloud service provider - AWS. 
  • Experience with container orchestration - Kubernetes (managing microservices via Kubernetes in production).
  • Experience with REST APIs (with API Gateway is preferred).
  • Understanding of database operations (with essential SQL is preferred).
  • Knowledge of event streaming/message bus (with Kafka is preferred).
  • Expertise in secrets management and rotation.
  • Experience in monitoring and remediating public applications in production.
  • Proficiency in a high-level programming language (i.e., Python, Go, etc.).
  • Strong working knowledge of the tools supporting a healthy SDLC, such as automated testing, CI/CD, SLOs, and application performance monitoring.
  • Database operations.
  • Expertise in Linux systems administration.
  • Ability to handle the pressure of production outages.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to document/knowledge spreading.
  • An eye for process.
  • Ability to work on a remote team.
  • There is a high amount of daytime overlap (6+ hours) with the existing team here.
  • Ability to participate in on-call rotation.


  • Understand organizational and team goals, making your own decisions to support them.
  • Participate in a 24x7 on-call production support rotation to maintain reliability targets for multiple products.
  • Work with your team to enable developers by creating self-service tooling around the Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Design, critique, and reason about complex distributed systems – including internal and external platforms, tools, and systems.
  • Collaborate with developers and other stakeholders to meet shared goals.
  • Promote sharing of knowledge across your team and engineering

We Offer:

  • US and EU projects based on advanced technologies.
  • Competitive compensation based on skills and experience.
  • Annual performance appraisals.
  • Remote-friendly culture and no micromanagement.
  • Comprehensive private medical insurance.
  • Christmas Bonus in the amount of 15 days' salary.
  • Bonuses for recommendations of new employees.
  • Bonuses for article writing, public talks, other activities.
  • 15 vacation days, 10 holidays, sick leaves.
  • Udemy unlimited training account.
  • Free webinars, meetups and conferences organized by Svitla.
  • Fun corporate celebrations and activities.
  • Awesome team, friendly and supportive community!

About Svitla:

Svitla Systems is a global trusted IT solutions company headquartered in California, with business and development offices throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Svitla is an outspoken advocate of workplace flexibility, best known for its well-established remote culture, individual approach to our teammate’s professional and personal growth, and family-like environment.

Since 2003, Svitla has served a wide range of clients, from innovative start-ups in California to mega-large corporations such as Ingenico, Amplience, InvoiceASAP and Global Citizen. At Svitla, developers work with clients’ teams directly, building lasting and successful partnerships, as a result of seamless integration with on-site processes. 

Svitla Systems’ global mission is to build a business that contributes to the well-being of our partners, personnel and their families, improves our communities, and makes a lasting difference in the world. Join us!

If you are interested in our vacancy, please send your CV. We will be happy to see you in our friendly team :)

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