April 19, 2024
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Remote, USA

Svitla Systems Inc. is looking for a Web UI Architect for a full-time position (40 hours per week) in the USA. Our client’s platform makes signing and verifying whole documents or individual facts in documents easy. Every signed document becomes tamper-proof, with a cryptographically verifiable origin. The author and attestors are known with certainty. The platform helps organizations prove their identity when communicating publicly with customers, eliminating phishing and smishing, and signing VOIP calls and tweets. Every email gets a cryptographically verifiable origin. The sender of the email can't fake their identity. Every text gets a cryptographically verifiable origin. It holds the original sender, as well as intermediaries in the telecom delivery pipeline, accountable. Every call gets a cryptographically verifiable origin. It doesn't just prove who called; it proves where their business is registered and what kind of business it is. The platform makes content and citations verifiable. Every fact can be linked to its source, and content becomes tamper-proof. The content can be linked strongly to the public, the non-repudiable reputation of its original creators. Someone who can overlap most of every work day with people on the US East Coast, overlapping 6-8 hours Mon- Fri with people in New York and Florida.


  • At least 15 years of experience focused on UIs, with at least 5-10 years of it being hard-core web UI, heavily oriented toward React. 
  • Years of perspective with Web React.
  • Superb communication and leadership skills. You will be part of a team and be able to raise the vision and skill level of other engineers. 
  • The ability to step into negotiations, suggest solutions and take a leadership role in project management.
  • A good reader, writer, and speaker of English. 
  • Friendly, patient, and cooperative person.


  • Excel in technical aspects and lead projects from a business perspective.
  • Be a full-time employee of a startup (with its corresponding pros, like equity, and cons, like uncertainty) in an interesting problem domain that involves cybersecurity, organizational identity, and hardcore UX/UI issues, and you are willing to make a multi-year commitment to the right opportunity.
  • Listen to product management stakeholders and do what those people sincerely intend, not just what they may say in a Jira ticket. It is critical to be good at knowing when to push back and how to push back, reading between the lines, and anticipating where the UI should go based on a long-term vision.

About Svitla:

Svitla Systems is a global trusted IT solutions company headquartered in California, with business and development offices throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Svitla is an outspoken advocate of workplace flexibility, best known for its well-established remote culture, individual approach to our teammate’s professional and personal growth, and family-like environment.

Since 2003, Svitla has served a wide range of clients, from innovative start-ups in California to mega-large corporations such as Ingenico, Amplience, InvoiceASAP and Global Citizen. At Svitla, developers work with clients’ teams directly, building lasting and successful partnerships, as a result of seamless integration with on-site processes. 

Svitla Systems’ global mission is to build a business that contributes to the well-being of our partners, personnel and their families, improves our communities, and makes a lasting difference in the world. Join us!

If you are interested in our vacancy, please send your CV. We will be happy to see you in our friendly team :)

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