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Bicycle Tracker | Case Study | Svitla Systems

Mobile App


Bicycle Tracker




Traveling, Transport



Project type

Mobile App


Bicycle Tracker is an application, which allows users to track their bicycle activity. One can track his/her location on the map, speed, time, distance, and other parameters during the ride.

Business needs:

Develop MVP of iOS application.

Create wireframes and App integration with the backend.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

Use standard libraries for maps and GPS integration.

Live UI mockups to match product with client expectations.

Integration of analytics for further understanding of user needs.


iOS frameworks: Foundation, UIKit, CoreLocation, MapKit, AVFoundation, QuartzCore

Appsee for user session recording

Various mockup tools

Value delivered

Reduced cost of the solution due to the use of standard libraries.
MVP released ahead of time.
Live feedback from actual users to further shape the product.

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