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Computer and mobile accessories


C#, ASP .NET, MongoDB, MySQL

Project type



Buddy is a full monitoring solution comprised of Internet of Things (IoT) class hardware, secure and scalable data infrastructure, an operations portal, engaging occupant facing dashboards, and on-the-go mobile experiences.

Business Needs:

Improve the core of the Buddy system, provide maximum scalability and add ability to handle thousands of requests per second from customers’ devices (mobile phones, microwaves, etc). Increase the application stability and performance, implement new features, and improve the UI making the App more user-friendly.

Suggested solutions from Svitla:

A dedicated Svitla team in charge of performance and scalability, working directly with the client’s core team.

In-house control of many handed over responsibilities: fixing performance issues, refactoring, improving application system architecture.

Agile and Trello tools to guarantee a visible and transparent development process.

Value delivered

Complete visibility of the development process.
Redesigned MS SQL database structure improved database scalability.
Existing API ported to the new REST service that is built on top of ASP.Net infrastructure.
Performance improvements for all components, starting with WebAPI/MVC controllers and ending with MongoDB driver and other storages.

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