Svitla Smart Talk: 2021 Highlights - iOS developer career and beyond


Before the winter celebrations commence, we’d like to take this opportunity to summarize the career path milestones in 2021. Join this casual discussion to learn some tips and tricks from Oleksii Holub based on his own experience!

Whether you’re a successful iOS developer with several years of experience under your wing or just beginning your journey in the world of IT, there’s always room for improvement and new things to learn. From how to achieve a higher salary, join cooler projects, earn new badges or take on new responsibilities, we’re sure you’ll find something interesting in this Svitla Smart Talk for you!

So put on your learning hat and join us!

Main points of the talk:


  • The roles of junior/middle/senior professionals and how to reach new level;

  • Which companies out there are the best to aim for;

  • What’s beyond your current role;

  • Tips and tricks of the trade;

  • How to get companies to show you the money;

  • Q/A session.

Oleksii Holub: Mobile Developer Monday thru Friday, Rock’n’roller on the weekends.


by Svitla Team
December 01, 2021

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